Here is what the media has been saying about Debra J. Gawrych

"In life we are either Evolving or Revolving—Debbie Gawrych has given her readers the opportunity to stop the revolving door of an unfufilled existence with her book The Seven Aspects of Sisterhood. In a world that lives mostly on false information, Debbie has taken a stand for truth. Truth within, the most powerful truth there is. If this book does not give you the opportunity to see yourself as you can be, then check your pulse and make sure you are still amongst the living. Its a great gift to the world."

—John St. Augustine, Power Talk Radio

"Engaging, energetic and exciting - Debra Gawrych is a producer's delight and gives everyone in the audience something to think about!"

—Jeannine Gallenstein, WCPO, ABC TV News, Cincinnati

"Debbie really knows her stuff and was able to bring it to life with interesting stories and examples. She interacted well with the hosts and imparted the information in a fun and thoughtful manner. Debbie is good T.V. We would have her back in a second!"

—Janice Bangs, AM Northwest

"After 11 years in television, Debbie Gawrych is one of the best guests I've ever interviewed. Debbie is dynamic, passionate about her work, and pops on TV. She's a real dynamo who knows how to connect with an audience. She leaves the audience wanting more."

—Whitney Vann, ABC News 2 Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"You're the best! What a great personality and we love your book! You go girlfriend!"

—LukaWorld, Minneapolis, Minnesota FM 107 Radio
"First FM all-Talk station in the country!"

"Such passion and inner strength. She has a strong faith that the world can be a better place and uses all of her talents to help each one of us get there. A lovely woman!"

—Busta Brown, WB TV Show and 102 JAMZ radio

"By far and away one of the best programs we have ever done. A powerful, dynamic experience."

—Carrie Hoover, Old North State Country Club

"By changing within, Gawrych says women can empower and change all women as a community

—ForeWord Magazine

"The book is well done, practical, imaginative and useful as well"

—Sally Helgesen, author of bestselling
The Female Advantage: Women's Ways of Leadership.