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Affirmations and Quotations

Affirmations & Quotations

Affirmations and positive statements help keep us anchored to the feelings we desire. They help us rise above the negative comments we speak in our minds and take our thoughts in a new direction.

Thoughts and words create our future experiences. Take some time to reflect on what you say to yourself. Are your thoughts positive? Are they taking you in the direction you want to go?

Listen to the words you speak about yourself and other people, are you words matching the vision of how you would like to be. Some of the benefits of using affirmations and positive quotations:

  • Create a positive environment
  • Keeps your thoughts and words in alignment with your vision
  • Can change the dynamics of your interactions with others.
  • Helps to relax you
  • Helps to relax others.
  • Is healthy for your body, your minds and your spirit.
  • Enables you to see the lighter side of things.
  • Leads you to a higher ground!

Click on the categories below for examples of affirmations. Use them as examples to create your own. Your words have tremendous power for you. Remember to take what you like about something and make it your own. Identify. Imitate. And Innovate.

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