Lead From the Inside Out

A Practical Guide To Powerful Transformation

Consultant, speaker and author Debra J. Gawrych presents her dynamic new audio book, Lead From the Inside Out. She teamed up with Emmy-award winning radio and TV personality, Monica Pierre to create a powerful audio experience that will be available in written form in 2003. The CD presents material for both men and women in a powerful and practical way so that each listener is guided to learn how to access his or her inner wisdom.

In consulting with her clients; corporations, organizations and university faculty and students, Debra has found that many people give their power away, and are not able to perform to their true potential. This can happen due to well-meaning advice and influence by others that may serve to help the individual giving the advice, but is not suitable for the person receiving that information.

In order to a more effective communicator, to be influential to others around you, and to lead a more satisfying life, each person needs to go inside to access his or her inner wisdom. The next step is to have the courage to use that wisdom in your daily life, both at work and at home.

Lead from the Inside Out takes the listener on a journey to learn to do just that.

  • Go inside to access your inner wisdom
  • Have the courage to bring that wisdom to your daily life
  • Manifest your destiny by learning how to overcome obstacles
  • Ignite the fire in someone else.

Order online now at a special introductory price of $16.15 plus shipping. It is also available at selected Barnes & Nobles, Borders and Joseph-Beth Booksellers stores.