Reviews of Seven Aspects

Amié Merizon of ForeWord Magazine: "Sisterhood not only describes the relationship a woman shares with other women, but also the relationship she has with herself." This self-development book helps women as individuals, in relationships, and in the workplace to create harmony and - success through the understanding of seven aspects of personality types.

The first chapter involves the reader immediately in her own Primary, Second, and Third (Tertiary) Aspects with quick answers to the "Self-Identification Test." This fosters a personal interest in the following chapters that include an in depth focus on each aspect, positive/negative characteristics, stumbling blocks, goals, life tasks, and conflict resolution.

The author explains that "an individual is a 'sisterhood' of three aspects, and all aspects are equally important. For example: A King-Artisan-Scholar would be someone who loves to be in a position of authority, is artistic by nature (perhaps expresses this as a hobby rather than as a profession), but who is a rational, intelligent thinker."

The book is liberally sprinkled with poetry, quotes, exercises, sources for reading, tests, boxed information, and the inclusion of famous (and infamous) names for each aspect variation, i.e., Madonna is a King-Artisan-Storyteller, while Mother Teresa was a Server-Priest-King. It also offers extensive backmatter that consists of endnotes, bibliography, and a thorough index.

By changing within, Gawrych says women can empower and change all women as a community. Using this material as a guidebook for workplaces and other groups of people that want to be more productive, improve communications, relieve stress, and simply grow, qualifies as a basic, yet effective self-improvement tool.

Midwest Book Review: It is fitting that a portion of the proceeds for Debra Gawrych's The Seven Aspects of Sisterhood: Empowering Women Through Self-Discovery go to Breast Cancer Research Expedition Inspiration ( and the Women's World Bank (, for the purpose of The Seven Aspects of Sisterhood was written to help women help themselves to lead better, fuller lives. Gawrych shows women how to analyze their own personalities against the seven archetypal models of Warrior, Scholar, King, Priest, Server, Storyteller, and Artisan; armed with new self-knowledge, one is ready to better understand and react to the many trials that daily life has in store. The Seven Aspects of Sisterhood teaches the reader how to discover courage, act rather than react, resolve conflict, and find one's center in a turbulent, unbalanced world. Very highly recommended reading for women of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances.

Sally Helgesen, author of best-selling The Female Advantage: Women's Ways of Leadership and Thriving in 24/7: Six Strategies for Taming the World of Work states: "It's well done, practical, helpful and imaginative as well."

The Mountain Times: "Gawrych examines different personality types and the challenges associated with each, and the ways that individuals can learn to gain personal insights and effectively relate to others."

Rapid River Digest: "The Seven Aspects of Sisterhood is a perceptive look into how women relate to one another. It points women in the direction of understanding themselves first, in order to be more effective working with other women-on the job, in the family or in an organization."

Sandy Neerman, Greensboro Public Library writes: "The Seven Aspects of Sisterhood allows the reader to identify, their personality traits and grow. The book instructively empowers individual understanding of the dynamics of one's unique combination of traits. I highly recommend this book. It is in constant demand in our library."

Dusty Staub, Staub Leadership Consultants says: "In The Seven Aspects of Sisterhood, Debbie Gawrych has written a powerful book of depth, clarity, and heart. Her premises are clear and her research is impeccable. She opened up a wider world of understanding, while also offering practical tips and actions steps to foster personal growth and mastery."

Anne Westergaard,Key Coordinator-30 years, Shaklee: "For the Pioneer Women of the NEW Century, I've found the perfect map. It is simple to understand and will take us far. I love your book."

Reverend Melissa Bowers, author of "To the Women on My Journey," from Chicken Soup for a Woman's Soul: "What a beautiful book!"

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