Executive/Business Coaching

A Strategic Tool for Effective Leadership

Executive Leadership Coaching is a custom-built, group and one-on-one developmental experience for the mid- to senior-level executive who is preparing for a leap forward in leadership capability, for a greater scope of responsibility or to move subordinates and the organization to a higher level of functioning.

The Executive Coaching Program begins with a two-day intensive and three one-day follow-ups to encourage peer coaching at this level of the organization. After the two-day intensive, participants are encouraged to experience one-on-one coaching, which provides more detailed assessments, feedback and coaching for a three- to six-month time period. Participants will receive instruction on how to incorporate what they’ve learned into action plans that support a collaborative coaching environment with their subordinates. This program includes:

  • Clear agreements with the person being coached and the organization’s representative about how coaching will proceed.
  • A custom assessment package that typically includes personality and style survey, 360-degree feedback instruments and telephone interviews with selected work colleagues.
  • Group training to enable executive-level personnel to learn from each other in a safe interactive environment and to build informal coaching mentors at their own level within the organization.
  • In-person feedback and goal-setting sessions.
  • Ongoing coaching utilizing a variety of media that could include: telephone, in-person, video or on-line contact.
  • On-site observations—shadowing—can be included in the assessment or coaching phase.
  • Customized reassessment of progress toward goals.

Best suited for an executive or leader who:

  • Wants to use a confidential, empowering, professional relationship to enhance the organization’s effectiveness through leadership.
  • Wants to make substantial changes in his or her approach to leadership.
  • Needs to support complex changes and challenges.
  • Is preparing for a major step up in leadership responsibilities.
  • Recently has taken a new position.
  • Is viewed as high potential.
  • Wants to ensure succession planning in his or her team.

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