Individual and Team Coaching

If you are an individual who feels that there is something missing from your overall performance in the workplace, or if you are responsible for getting results from the efforts of a group of people and you’re overwhelmed with the task, Common Boundaries and its coaching program can help you face your fears and develop tools to address specific issues you are facing in the workplace or in life.


Common Boundaries offers individual and team coaching in the format of a time-based contract with the client. A variety of personality assessments are used to determine the needs of the individual and/or the organization, and those identified needs and specific skill sets are addressed and worked on. A plan of action is created, with the assistance of the coach, and that plan is closely followed. The coaching is executed through scheduled written and verbal communication: in person and through pre-scheduled phone calls, with the coach additionally available through e-mail. Accountability and authenticity are emphasized, and the coaching is considered “complete” when concrete goals are met. Coaching emphasizes:

  • Leadership skills
  • Issues of concern; gaps between performance and intentions
  • Personality assessments: Myers-Briggs, Kiersey Temperament model, SDI and others
  • Image studies; individual and group coaching
  • Short- or long-term coaching with action plans

The participant gains:

  • Safe environment for asking questions, exploring solutions, facing fears
  • One-on-one tools for addressing identified issues
  • Integration of knowledge into the workplace
  • Integration of knowledge into life outside the workplace


Common Boundaries understands that you want to get the most out of your development dollars. No two clients are alike, and there are many different factors that impact our fees. Therefore, pricing is based on:

  • The number of sessions to be held
  • The length of each session
  • The amount of business Common Boundaries has received from you and/or your company in the past

“After completing the program, I found myself wondering how I could have afforded not to have participated. I took away from the session a greater understanding of myself.”

—Wachovia Authentic Leadership Participant/coaching client

“Our employees came away with new ideas, excited about work and enthusiastic about the road ahead.”

—Terry Henry-Hayden, Procter and Gamble, Manager

“Working with Debra and Common Boundaries has been life transforming for me. I am more content and more empowered to be the kind of person I am meant to be. I feel that I have the tools to create what I want out of life. Instead of feeling powerless, I feel powerful and confident to face any situation that may come my way

—Wachovia coaching client