Middle Level Managers

Coaching For Development for Middle-Level Managers

Coaching for Development is a classroom-based, custom-designed program for delivery to organizations, which can be offered to all levels from first-line managers to more senior executives. This three-day program effectively builds coaching skills for the organization’s leaders, enhances initiatives aimed at managing change, develops emotional intelligence and fosters a climate of organization learning. An important goal of this program is for the organization to become more self-sustaining in developing its leaders internally. Program includes one hour of telephone coaching.


  • Combines classroom instruction, small group interaction, one-to-one feedback, reflection and discussion to teach the essential elements of coaching.
  • Expands one’s emotional intelligence and supports others in doing the same.
  • Action learning through role-plays, self-observation, peer feedback and one-on-one staff feedback. (Videotaping available if necessary to support breakthroughs.)
  • Introduces the organization to a coaching framework that is easy to understand and easy to use.
  • Emphasizes building the coaching relationship, continuing to develop one’s coaching skills after the program and encouraging collaboration.
  • Focuses on the strategic implementation of the organization’s vision through coaching and mentoring of subordinates and peers.

Best suited for:

  • Middle-level managers who are charged with implementation of departmental or organizational visions and goals.
  • Individuals who benefit from group interaction and are interested in better understanding themselves as coaches and improving their effectiveness in developing others.
  • Leaders who want to improve their coaching skills and/or internal coaches.

For high potential middle-level managers, those who are moving into higher levels of leadership or for those in periods of complex transition, one-on-one coaching from three to six months is highly recommended.

Additionally, middle-level managers are able to move to other leadership development programs after completion of this program: