Common Boundaries uses a variety of assessment tools depending on the needs of the individual or organization. The following is a list of some of the assessments and tools we use in consulting assignments:

  • Research Study—Organizational
  • Research Study—Individual
  • Productivity Management Assessments
    1. Work Flow Analysis
    2. Process Improvement
  • Organizational Structure Assessments
  • Project Management Assessments

Organizational Analysis Research Study: Lasting Change Starts with Awareness

Do you really want to know: how to get your organization back into sync; how to resolve conflicts with employees; how to inspire peak performance; how to clarify goals and roles and get your team working, well, as a team; how to skate the rough road of interpersonal dynamics and relationships? Then you need an honest look at the behaviors in your business.

The Research Study is a powerful tool to help organizations and individuals make real and lasting changes by giving them an authentic look at how others perceive them and whether their intentions is in alignment with their behaviors.

Common Boundaries’ comprehensive study includes interviews of employees and managers, as well as a confidential Leadership Practices Inventory. Managers come away from the Research Study with a 360° view of how their team is perceived by others, an awareness of blind spots and obstacles that are holding back employees and the team, and an action plan with clear next steps to help with any problem areas. The creation of an accountability loop is part of the process.

The end result is an authentic and honest look at behavior and an opportunity to make lasting needed changes that have been ignored or not seen. If you really want to focus on success, the Research Study is an important first step.

Productivity Management Assessments

We can help you improve productivity through work-flow analysis and by using a consultative skills model to decrease the gap between where you currently are functioning and where you want to take your business. We bring your current productivity picture into focus, see how it is fitting into—or fighting—your strategic goals, and then make recommendations on ways to improve processes and manage productivity to make your corporate vision your reality.