Consultative Leadership Series

Successful leaders are problem solvers. If they don’t know the answer, they know how to get it. They know there is a process to solving any problem.

Problem solving or leadership is a learned skill and the focus of our year-long program called the “Consultative Leadership Series.” In this energizing and enlightening program, each participant is assigned to a team of at least 4 people. The team meets between 4-6 times per year to participate in leadership training and to support creative solutions to what has been previously considered unsolvable or hard-to-solve problems.

The format can be customized to fit your leadership needs, but includes these general principles:

  1. Building the Foundation. What is the problem? Your team begins to build community as it assesses the problem.
  2. Reality Check. You team determines the current reality and future goals or needs (learning strategic planning and relative truth). Your team discovers new ways to perceive and overcome obstacles.
  3. Integration of Skills. You learn how to create followership and continue strategic planning. You begin to build a higher functioning team by deepening community relationships and by turning to trust and away from fear. Your team learns the difference between power and force.
  4. Staying in Action. You learn how to get results. Your team continues to expand its awareness, with members holding presence for themselves and making it possible for others. Your team presents solutions and action plans. You coach others to problem solve with presence.

This is an in-depth program, and it gets long-lasting results. Each team member walks away a leader, confident that he or she can accurately assess a problem, determine future needs, inspire others to follow them in solving the problem, create and implement a strategic plan, and, finally, get results.

Call us today to learn more about this career-changing program. We also invite you to check out our “The Art of Consulting,” another great program for learning problem-solving skills.