Strategic Planning

It is one thing to have corporate goals and another to create actionable steps to attain those goals. This Common Boundaries program helps your employees discover the core values of authentic and collaborative leadership. In this highly interactive program, participants learn how to:

  • Create a Team Action Plan (a strategic plan) that includes concrete steps that are measurable and emphasize accountability. Part of this process will be developing a Vision Statement, Stretch Goals, an Action Planning Grid, and a Blueprint for Success.
  • Assign and claim responsibilities, tasks, and terms for completion of tasks.
  • Identify completion and milestone dates.
  • Outline expected expenses and benefits.
  • Identify follow-up times connected to specific, actionable steps to ensure the measurement of success.

The program can be half-day or a full day.

Once your employees learn the process for accountable and actionable strategic planning, they will be able to use these skills again and again to take your business to higher levels of success.